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Below is an index of works, alphabetized by author and/or contributing artist. The links below lead to individual profiles of each work. If the work is online, a link is provided so you may click through and interact with the work itself. You may also browse the works by title.

Contributors of e-literature works:

Alber, Travis: Who is Flora?
Amato, Joseph: Training missions
And, Miekal: SEEDSIGNS for Philadelpho
Bergmann, F.J.: Lace
Bloomfield, Lisa: Trilogy
Bly, Bill: We Descend
Breeze, Mez [mary-anne]: _][ad][Dressed in a Skin Code
Buchanan, Nancy: The Idea of Home
Bushnell, Jeremy: Imaginary Year
Carre, Claire: Nostalgia
Carroli, Linda: speak: a hypertext essay
Castiglia, Clilly: Talking Cure
Coover, Roderick: Photo Essay: A Harvest in Burgundy
Coverley, M.D.: Accounts of the Glass Sky
Dalmon, Gerard et al: NEOGEJO
de Souza, Adriana: database
Dinsmore, Claire A.: The Dazzle as Question
Gatza, Geoffrey: E:Electron
Gentry, Alistair: The Nothings
Gerbhan, Alexandre: Semiotic Poetry
Glazier, Loss Pequeño: COG(I)
Golder, Gabriela: Postale
Granade, Stephen: One Night in a Three-story House
Herbst, Claudia: a crisis in se_Mantics
Holeton, Richard: Figurski at Findhorn on Acid
Igarashi, Mika: The Hollow
Ingold, Jon: All Roads
Keane, Jayne Fenton & David: Slamming the Sonnet
Kendall, Robert: Clues
Larsen, Deena: E:Electron
Malbreil, Xavier: Formes libres flottant sur les ondes
Marino, Mark: Stravinsky's Muse
Montfort, Nick: Ad Verbum
Morrissey, Judd: My Name is Captain, Captain.
Nakamura, Motomichi: Hey Now
Nelson, Jason: Superstitious Appliances
Newell, Megan: Post Modern Object
Nolin, Niki: CHAOSity
Piringer, Joerg: hyPoem
Osborne, Karen Lee: CHAOSity
Powazek, Derek: {fray}
Rapoport, Sonya: Redeeming the Gene, Molding the Golem, Folding the Protein
Roberts, Wade: CHAOSity
Rock, Joellyn: Bare Bones
Seaton, Maureen: CHAOSity
Short, Emily: Galatea
Slattery, Diana: The Glide Project
Stern, Nathaniel:
Sullivan, Laura: beautopia
Swiss, Thomas: Hey Now
Talley, Lori: My Name is Captain, Captain.
Utterback, Camille: Talking Cure
Valdez, Blas: Pain & Vice Versa / Dolor y Viceversa
Wardrip-Fruin, Nathan: Talking Cure
Wardrip-Fruin, Noah: Talking Cure
Whitehead, Helen: Web Warp & Weft
Winkler, Fabian: database
Wylde, Nanette: Storyland
Zafrin, Vika: Roland HT
Zellen, Jody: Ghost City



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