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Photo Essay: A Harvest in Burgundy

Author: Roderick Coover

Web URL or medium: CD-ROM

Description: A Harvest in Burgundy is a hypermedia study of the non-fiction image and its relationship to differing forms of written description. The work is one of three essays featured in Cultures in Webs: Working in Hypermedia with the Documentary Image that explores issues of documentary representation through still and motion images. The work is scheduled to be published this summer by Eastgate Systems. Photo Essay: A Harvest in Burgundy presents a text and photo essay about a wine harvest in Burgundy that was shot during a period of fieldwork at vineyards in Burgundy's Cote Chlonnaise. The work presents arguments and proposals toward a theory of photographic representation in digital media through a photo essay of 50 images and three interlinked bars of accompanying text. There are also links to short slide shows, visual analysis, and video interviews.

Technical requirements: PC or MAC with CD-ROM drive.

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