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2001 Awards Ceremony


by Geniwate


Nepabunna uses remote sensing data from the Landsat 5 satellite as the starting point, then progresses to a mythopoeia of contemporary technology (using Australian Aboriginal themes) and finally cites string theory as an example of the nexus between science/beauty/truth. Poetry and digital media combine to examine this nexus.


Geniwate came to electronic poetry via print and performance poetry. Experiment with visual and audio in performance put her in a good position to make the leap to electronic literature in 1997. She was co-winner of the 1999 trAce-Alt-X International Hypertext Competition with <rice>. Since then she has been exploring science, technoculture and mythology. <Nepabunna> is an initial phase in an ongoing exploration of these themes.

Geniwate's sites are are visible through idaspoetics.com.au, and are available on CD-ROM.


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