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Cyberpoetry Underground
by Komninos Zervos

In "Cyberpoetry Underground", the whole navigation is in a 3d textual space, text animations, hot-spotted panoramas of text, and synthesized voice sound poetry. This title is authored for Macintosh, and requires QuickTime VR. It is a journey through five 360-degree panoramas of text representing five stations of the London Underground. In each panorama, the text objects that make the scene are hyperlinks to animated sound/text cyberpoems.

Komninos, performance poet, has been poeting since 1985 professionally, taking his poetry to schools, community groups, hotels, music venues, prisons, coffee lounges and universities, radio and television and now the internet.

Komninos Zervos
Komninos Zervos

Komninos has published two adult collections of poetry with the University of Queensland Press, a collection of poetry for children illustrated by Peter Viska and published by Oxford University Press, and a hard cover illustrated children's picture book published by Harper/Collins.

Komninos has had three plays performed by professional theatre companies in Sydney and Brisbane. In 1992 Komninos received the Australian Human Rights Award for Literature and in 1991 was awarded the Australia Council's Ros Bower award for outstanding achievement in community arts.

In 1995 Komninos completed a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland, he authored a CD-ROM of cyberpoetry for his dissertation. He is presently a PhD candidate. In 1998 Komninos travelled to London to be Writer in Residence at Artec a multimedia training and resource centre in Islington where he authored a CD-ROM, 'cyberpoety underground'. He convenes and lectures in the CyberStudies Major, School of Arts, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland.



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