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Photos from the 2001 Electronic Literature Awards

May 17, 2001: Authors' Dinner

Short List Group Photo

the & Party

Rob Wittig convenes

Tabbi shocked, Strickland smiling

Table Full of Poets

Our Favorite Volunteers

Scott Rettberg's Remarks

Barney Rosset Supports the ELO

May 18, 2001: The Electronic Literature Awards

ELO Staff take Subway to Awards

Shelley Jackson and geniwaite in Feather Boas

Dane and Shelley Jackson

Hilary Mosher-Buri with Fans

Larry McCaffery, Marjorie Luesebrink, Rob Wittig

Security was very tight


Larry McCaffery Presents Caitlin Fisher 2001 Fiction Award

The 2001 Bronze Book for Fiction

The 2001 Bronze Book for Fiction (2)

The 2001 Bronze Book for Fiction (Back)

John Cayley, Winner of 2001 Poetry Award

The 2001 Bronze Book for Poetry

The 2001 Bronze Book for Poetry (2)

The Winners

E-Lit Judges 101

Celebrating After the Ceremony

Fully Engaged

May 21, 2001: A Visit at the Evergreen Review

At the Evergreeen Review Archives

Barney Rosset Demos the Evergreen Review

Barney and Astrid

May 22, 2001: TextOneZero Conference -- ELO Authors Panel

Larry McCaffery, Moderator

The Panel Discusses the Economics of Authorship

Talking and Thinking

2001 Fiction Winner Caitlin Fisher

Kimberly White, Author of the Minotaur Project

Signifying ELO




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